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False eyelash factory at good price

Processing False eyelashes is a profession that brings in good income in the present time.

Especially in the current COVID-19 season, this profession is always concerned with the convenience of working.

Normally, when an epidemic breaks down, work will be halted, everyone will be isolated at home to ensure safety.

However, why is the false eyelash processing industry interested?

Let’s find out with Sofa Minh Phu in the article below!

Processing Covid-era false eyelashes

False eyelashes if you do not know it, it is a profession with many different stages.

What does that mean? Can you explain more carefully?

Okay! That is, the processing of false eyelashes into a finished product will involve many different stages.

The stages of processing false eyelashes include the following basic steps:

Selection of ingredients

Proceed to curl the hair into sheets

Cut off your hair

Hair curl

Dry my hair

Transplant hair onto blisters

QC – Check the goods

Stamp, label, carton box

Those are the main stages in making eyelashes.

Depending on the actual situation, different types of false eyelashes will have a more or less workflow.

However, these other stages can be called the main stages to create finished false eyelashes.

Eyelash extensions wholesale supplies are also often applied the basic steps for working on eyelashes.

So how to process false eyelashes? Do you need work experience or not?

False eyelash machinist

False eyelash making companies or false eyelash factories, how do they need workers?

In feathering basics requires experience with being able to do well!

Experienced stages include:

Silk process


QC – Checking products

The stages that are not required to experience include:



Dry the hair


These stages do not require experience but training improving working skills.

Momi eyelash company itself is still training people with no working experience.

We always support within 1 month to check the working spirit, work attitude and workmanship.

After that, we will sit back and discuss whether to be accepted or not as well as the salary of the employee.

The way we work

Like other eyelash processing factories, after receiving the order, we will discuss with the customer about product options.

Regarding product thickness, length, material as well as the type of label that customers want to use.

It can be the private label of MOMI LASH or the private label of the customer.

The process will be we discuss with the warehouse department, if enough material will be sent to the working department.

In case the raw materials are out of stock we will import and then ship to each processing part.

During the outsourcing process, we have a supervisor available that will be responsible for managing the stages.

During production work, there will sometimes be small mistakes and the production manager will be responsible for handling it.

What do false eyelash machining need?

The following will be needed in an eyelash workshop.

Take note as it is what makes for a well-managed, rigorous workflow!

– Good terrain conditions (convenient access)

– Facilities are good, machines are sufficient for working with 3-phase electricity

– Good raw materials, meeting the requirements of customers

– Good workforce, trained and experienced machinists.

False eyelash factory

Momi False Eyelash Co., Ltd, we confidently meet the needs of our customers.

From the popular false eyelashes to the lesser-worked false lashes today.

Some types of false eyelashes on the market today such as:

2D Pre-made fan

3D Pre-made fan

4D Pre-made fan

5D Pre-made fan

6D Pre-made fan

6D Pre-made fan

Mink lashes

Silk lashes

Black lashes

Color lashes,…

These are the products that we have been making for customers.

Our customers are mainly from countries such as:

USA, India, Russia, Nigeria, …

In which America is the most customers!

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